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Aethers Beating Heart

What makes us tick? Who is Aether? What are our core values?

Behind Aethers Beating Heart

How have we built the best compliance service in the industry?

Outstanding customer experiences are achieved by combining a driven, engaged team combined with the best training and unique innovations and technology to assist them with their work.

A forward-thinking, modern business (we believe) should invest in the future not only of our business but also the world around us. Here at Aether, you will find cutting-edge technology and a motivated team that won't cost the earth.

Why Choose Aether?

A Word From Our Clients

KFC Logo

Regional Coach


"The quality of their work is paramount for us, when it comes to efficiency, perseverance, proactive approach, always going that extra mile to keep us happy"

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Maintenance Manager

Hilton Hotels

"We had an H&S Audit y in which they tend to scrutinise all paperwork of both hotel and contractors. They were happy with your paperwork on jobs that you’ve done for us and were very complimentary"

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Site Manager


“The company has been trialled over the past few weeks and has been endorsed by the Environment Agency as the best yet.”

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Caring for life

"Thank you so much for all your support with our extraction cleaning. I have spoken to both of our kitchen managers, and they are more than satisfied with the clean, so please do pass on our thanks to the team who came out"

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Regional Manager

Burger King

"In the time that we have been working together I really enjoy working with your team and feel confident that things would be resolved quickly efficiently and with full consideration for our business"

What matters to us the most

The Three Pillars Of Aether

Our Clients

Our client deserves the highest standards of service and quality. We are committed to exceeding your expectations so you will come back to us for all your service needs.

Our Staff

We take staff safety, hygiene, and comfort seriously. We want our team to feel proud of the work they do by creating a healthy, clean, and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Our Environment

It is a fact that the environment we live in deserves to be left as it is and we ensure the works we do have as minimal impact as possible.

Employee holding tablet
Employee holding tablet
Employee wearing a mask, holding cleaning solution
Employee taking a picture of a duct
Employee doing tests

A Forward-Thinking Company

Smart Technology Icon

Smart Technology

Cutting-edge technology to improve building compliance and transparency.

Exceeding Compliance Icon

Exceeding Compliance

Fully accredited and certified for all aspects of our compliance services.

Carbon Neutral Icon

Carbon Neutral

Striving to reduce carbon emissions throughout our business and supply chains.

Paper Free Icon

Paper Free

Genuinely 100% paper free…we don't even own a printer!

Safe Environment Icon

Safe Environment

Audited and accredited safety procedures.

Fair Pay Icon

Fair Pay

A hard day work deserves a fair day's pay! Proud to be a living wage accredited employer.

Highly Accredited

Commited To Quality

Aether Compliance provides strategic consulting, and expert compliance services to assist our clients in achieving their overall goals in the rapidly changing regulated sector. Our compliance experts help organizations meet regulatory requirements in a variety of industries including facility management, food safety, manufacturing, and more.

Besa Accreditation

BESA Accreditation

The Building Engineering Accreditation Scheme (BESA) is a scheme for accrediting building engineering professionals in the United Kingdom.

In order to be accredited, an applicant must have experience of working in the building engineering sector for at least two years and must have passed a number of examinations.

Besca Accreditation

BESCA Accreditation

It is important to meet industry standards, especially within the building sector. BESCA accreditation is a way to make sure that your business meets these standards and can provide quality services.

BESCA is an independent and impartial organisation that assesses and provides accreditation if they meet the requirements.

Living Wage Accreditation

Living Wage Employer

A Living Wage Employer is a company that pays its employees a living wage and invests in them. We believes that the most important thing for an employee is to be able to live off of their wages.

We have been able to keep employees happy by always paying them what they deserve and investing in them. Employees are not just seen as another number, but rather as people with a family and needs.

Chas Accreditation

CHAS Accreditation

CHAS Accreditation is the leading accreditation for quality, safety and excellence in health and safety.

The CHAS Accreditation Standards are designed to help organisations demonstrate that they meet a set of national standards.

Organisations that achieve CHAS Accreditation have the reassurance that their services are of high quality, safe and effective.

Q-Mark Fire Door Installation Accreditation

Q-Mark Fire Door Installation

Q-Mark Fire Door Installation accreditation is a certification that is given to those who have successfully passed a strict examination. This certification is important for companies who want to make sure they are hiring professionals who know how to install and assess fire doors and are qualified to do so.

Q-Mark Fire Stopping Installation Accreditation

Q-Mark Fire Stopping

The Q-Mark Fire Stopping Installation accreditation is a qualification that assesses the knowledge and skills required to install fire stopping products.

The qualification is designed for those who are involved in the installation of fire stopping products, including electricians, plumbers, heating engineers and those who work within building control.

Carbon Club Accreditation

Carbon Club Member

The Carbon Club is a membership-based organization that offers its members access to a variety of resources and services to drive them towards being carbon nuetral.

We are devoted to becoming carbon neutral and have been working hard to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.