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Asset management

Step one, what needs maintenance?

A clear concise asset register removes the guesswork.

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Asset management

What's in an asset register?

Whatever our clients require! From records of fire safety assets to plant and equipment a good quality asset register will contain the information required to locate and maintain the asset quickly and efficiently.

An asset register should record the asset back to a location and provide the required information on the asset at your fingertips.


Understanding the purpose of the asset register for the client is critical to a successful asset recording program. Part of the initial pre-planning phase will be to capture all known assets and available information.


The only way to really know if an asset exists is to see it! Inspecting each asset, recording back to site plans (using asset tag ID numbers) and collecting required asset information builds a picture in real time of asset quantities, locations and condition.


Asset information is provided in many formats (different views of the same data) in .pdf with photos, in .csv for management or importing to other asset management platforms or even available overlaid onto 3D virtual twins of the property.

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Aether Compliance provides strategic consulting, and expert compliance services to assist our clients in achieving their overall goals in the rapidly changing regulated sector. Our compliance experts help organizations meet regulatory requirements in a variety of industries including facility management, food safety, manufacturing, and more.

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Our Asset Management Solution Is Different

Lack of clarity on the assets within a building is one of the biggest pain points when completing compliance testing. How many assets are to be tested? Where are they? What tools will be needed?

Building a clear, manageable asset register will transform your maintenance and assist not only with maintenance but budgeting and cost control.

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Clear and concise

Get exactly the data you require to manage your building

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Capture any amount of detail required, including parts suppliers and approved maintenance contractors

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Capture anything

Like to know how many kettles in the bedrooms or how many flakt woods fans in your estate? Any asset can be brought into scope

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Multi format reporting

Data in any format to suit your requirements

A word from our CEO

"3d site planning - the new world"

"Buildings with poor site information, inaccurate paper plans and inconsistencies have poses significant challenges when managing compliance testing for our clients. Trying a new way of working has given us a vision of the future where the challenges of locating an asset, understanding the safety of a roof space or simply the way to access a roof void no longer hold up works on site.

Originally implemented to create accurate 2D plans for use in asset management software (cheaply and quickly) the use cases of the 3D models are now really starting to improve the efficiency of our servicing and reporting. Huge reductions in first time fix rates and lost time on site is drastically improving our service offering and quality of reporting to our clients" - Titus W. (CEO)