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Fire Stopping

Fire spreads in under 30 seconds

Penetrations through walls, ducting, gaps between plasterboard all contribute to the speed fire can spread through your building.

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Fire Stopping

What Are My Fire Stopping Obligations?

The Building Regulations Approved Document B states:

10.2  “If a fire separating element is to be effective, then every joint, or imperfection of fit, or opening to allow services to pass through the element, should be adequately protected by sealing or fire stopping so that the fire resistance of the element is not impaired” 

Fire stopping is a legal requirement to ensure that fire separation is maintained.

To properly seal a penetration between fire resisting elements takes skill and expertise to ensure the correct fire stopping detail is matched to the type of penetration found.

Compliance In Three Easy Steps


Before any fire stopping works being specified, assessing the fire breaks is an essential part of remediation. Using the fire strategy documentation as a guide (listing the required wall resistance, i.e. 30, 60, 120 minutes) a full inspection should be carried out individually identifying the types of penetrations, the types of services and the wall construction to specify the correctly matched fire stopping detail.


Fire stopping details should be installed with supporting evidence that the seal has been tested and effective at reinstating a fire separation in the exact situation it is used for. Different materials, and services behave differently when heated and ensuring the correct match is a key part of fire stopping installation.


Buildings evolve, a full fire stopped property could become a risk after minor adjustments by a plumber or a new cable run being added. An annual inspection program of a sample set of seals installed will ensure any wear and tear over time or new penetrations made into the fabric are quickly identified and rectified.

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Aether Compliance provides strategic consulting, and expert compliance services to assist our clients in achieving their overall goals in the rapidly changing regulated sector. Our compliance experts help organizations meet regulatory requirements in a variety of industries including facility management, food safety, manufacturing, and more.

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Optimising Building Compliance

Our Fire Stopping Solution Is Different

Fire stopping is a complex problem (especially retrospective installations) with a massive variation of different penetrations, cavities, and gaps that can drastically speed up the spread of fire through a building, endangering life.

The key to compliant fire stopping lies in the detail often overlooked:

  • Thorough surveys with failures identified in plans prior to quotation
  • Analysis of each fire stopping detail checked against manufacturers recommendations
  • Tested 3rd party certified solutions
  • Evidenced remediation
  • Detailed reporting on seal-by-seal basis

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Fire Strategy Assessment

Free assessment prior to site attendance of site plans / fire strategy and fully updated digital plans on completion.

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Fully certified to BM TRada Qmark with Institute of Fire Engineer qualified technicians

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Digital Reporting

Market leading 21st century reporting tools built around BM Trada Q Mark guidelines, easy to interpret giving absolute clarity on materials and methods used

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Asset Tagging

Unique identification numbers and BM Trada certification attached to each certified seal on completion

A word from our CEO

"Fire stopping - a critical component of building compartmentation "

"Retrospectively reinstating fire partitions in existing buildings is a complex task, requiring thorough knowledge of the building's fire strategy and the products being used. Minimal diversions from fire stopping products test evidence can thoroughly change their fire resistance and in some cases, prove completely ineffective.

Key to success is the quality of the initial survey, ensuring the correct information is gathered and tied back to the location allows for a detailed compliant solution to be proposed and (once agreed) our fire stoppers can ensure the exact detail is applied to the identified penetration.

Use of modern technologies allows us to seamlessly communicate between our technical support team and on-site fire stopping engineers, ensuring that compliant solutions are implemented with the evidence to back up our fire stopping installations available to the client to ensure they can demonstrate compliance at any time if asked to do so." - Titus W. (CEO)