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Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

The primary kitchen fire hazard

25% of commercial kitchen fires have some relation to the kitchen extract ductwork.

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Kitchen extract cleaning

What Are My Kitchen Extraction Obligations?

Due to the huge fire, a build-up risk hot grease poses to a building's fire security, regular kitchen extraction cleaning is normally a stipulated requirement of building insurance.

Regular ductwork cleaning cycles should be completed to the BESA TR19 Grease standard by a certified, accredited company.

Compliance In Three Easy Steps


Kitchen ductwork can vary from simple systems through an outside wall to large, complex systems discharging a long way from the extraction canopy. A compliant kitchen duct clean should include the whole system (and all components) so an initial survey to trace the system and the level of contamination before ductwork cleaning is usually recommended.


Kitchen extraction cleaning involves manually removing the grease or carbon from the duct, in most cases by installing access doors into the duct to reach inside to clean the system. All components should be cleaning including the kitchen canopy, filters, fan, and discharge.


Cleaning intervals should be based on the individual usage of the kitchen ductwork. Kitchen exact cleaning should take place when the ductwork reaches an average deposit level of 200μm (micron), gathering this data on each clean allows us to predict the future cleaning frequencies allowing extract cleaning to take place before it becomes a fire hazard.

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Aether Compliance provides strategic consulting, and expert compliance services to assist our clients in achieving their overall goals in the rapidly changing regulated sector. Our compliance experts help organizations meet regulatory requirements in a variety of industries including facility management, food safety, manufacturing, and more.

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Our Kitchen Extraction Solution Is Different

Kitchen extraction ductwork comes in all shapes and sizes, compliance with BESA TR19 Grease requires access to the full system, which can in some cases be difficult to access.

Using the most up-to-date ductwork cleaning methods, our kitchen extract cleaning teams are trained to use standard and mechanical brushing techniques to clean the hardest to reach areas.

In addition to some of the most comprehensive, time / date and geo stamped reporting, most of the UK's leading F&B companies have turned to Aether for the highest levels of service in the industry.

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A word from our CEO

"Kitchen extraction cleaning - the job nobody wants to do "

"Kitchen extraction system cleaning has been neglected for many years by restaurant owners as a job hidden from sight, not contributing to the profitability of the business. Over the past 10 years or so (and due to the sheer volume of kitchen extract fires costing insurers over £65million per year) thankfully insurers now recognise the difference between compliant accredited cleaning and poor standards. It is standard now for insurers to insist on BESA TR19 Grease-compliant certification to protect the restaurants.

The emphasis on compliant workmanship has driven a massive change in the industry which now has accredited training courses in the shape of the GHT courses for extraction cleaning engineers and the formation of the Vent Hygiene Elite scheme in 2019 allowing quality extraction cleaning companies to demonstrate their competence to clients." - Titus W. (CEO)