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Smart technology and IOT

What are the benefits of smart technology?

No matter how often you provide compliance inspections, conditions can change within your building and easily go unnoticed.

Use of Internet of Things (IOT) technology gives you round the clock visibility of the condition of a room, an asset, your ductwork, basically anything that can be connected to our network.

Remote monitoring allows for rapid decision-making before conditions become a risk or lead to a costly breakdown.


Set up of smart IOT sensors to monitor conditions such as ductwork deposits or indoor air quality, all connected to a unique network.


Monitor conditions from online portal or build in 'trigger' levels to alert you or a designated staff member when conditions fall outside safe levels.


Create smart actions and tie alerts to actions, EG: High levels of CO2 = automatically increase ventilation to the room.

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Aether Compliance provides strategic consulting, and expert compliance services to assist our clients in achieving their overall goals in the rapidly changing regulated sector. Our compliance experts help organizations meet regulatory requirements in a variety of industries including facility management, food safety, manufacturing, and more.

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Our Smart Technology Solution Is Different

Smart technology is only useful if it serves a purpose. Focusing on key compliance areas of risk, our IOT solutions are designed to give you rapid insights to conditions that can put your building or occupants at risk.

Using the most up-to-date technology gives our clients the ability to react in real time or automate actions to retrospectively apply smart building technology normally only available to new build BIM integrated properties.

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Discreet monitoring

Small discreet sensors connected to Wi-Fi or independent data networking

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Automatic actions

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A word from our CEO

"Internet of Things - giving your technology eyes"

"Many systems have been developed to automate buildings, normally these systems require networking and installation at the point of build to accommodate the infrastructure needed to support them. Our goal has been to provide retrospective solutions to assist with monitoring key compliance parameters within existing buildings, harnessing the key elements of BIM and IOT but available for all properties.

Considerable advances in technology now make the reality of reduced physical site visits and reduced guesswork a reality. Take IAQ as an example, when sampling by traditional methods (in person) the data is only accurate for the time sampled either leading to a false sense of security or reactionary remediation. Sampling over time gives a more useful data set and enables averages over time to take smart decisions based on the real environment." - Titus W. (CEO)